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The seven compelling truths of finding, attracting and retaining great people

Recently TRANSEARCH International Australia brought John Burdett, the author of a number of books on culture, fit, and finding and retaining the best people, to this country. John's books include The A-Z of Organization Culture, Talent, Team, and The Empty Suit among others. TRANSEARCH Australia has all of these book available for sale and I am sure those of you who attended his lectures found The A-Z of Organization Culture particularly interesting.

We believe John Burdett's books contain seven compelling truths:

  1. If you don't attract great talent, you can't hire great talent.
  2. It's relatively easy to identify the best candidate. The real challenge is to land the right candidate.
  3. Talent acquisition is about managing a critical business risk. Risk, in turn, implies 'fit'. There are four essential dimension of fit: (1) culture; (2) performance; (3) leadership; and (4) team.
  4. In a world of ever-increasing, complexity... organisations need super teams more than they need superstars.
  5. In a significant departure from traditional teaching, where innovation, collaboration and agility define success... the leader works for the team.
  6. If the candidate doesn't land, they won't stay.
  7. Good leaders meet targets... outstanding leaders meet the targets and build an exceptional team... great leaders leave a legacy.

We are also of the view that the philosophies behind John's writings enable TRANSEARCH Australia to present a point of difference from all our competitors in the executive search space. TRANSEARCH International is committed to these seven truths and our aim is to build every aspect of our practice on using John Burdett's Orxestra© methodology.

If you would like a further discussion on any of these philosophies or a copy of any of the books, please don't hesitate to call me personally on +613 9235 5114.

With best wishes

Geoff Slade
Geoff Slade
Executive Chairman
TRANSEARCH International Australia

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