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The search for meaningful work in a future proof industry

Time out and the New Year often provides a medium for us to reflect on our careers, our purpose and our values.

The pursuit of meaningful work that is aligned to our values has never been more important, so aligning our moral compass with our career compass is a discussion I am having with many more executives today. Interestingly, our Millennial co-workers set the stage for this thinking much more emphatically than the Baby Boomers, who would often follow a great leader into two or even three companies without necessarily assessing culture or values alignment.

The world has changed and assessing how ‘future proof’ industries are these days is becoming a new criterion before making the leap. Furthermore, over the last 3-5 years commentators have identified companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Netflix to exemplify disruption.

Today I find myself using a different combination. The ‘ABC’ disruptors – Amazon, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – are not limited to products. They are radically changing the way the world interacts and transacts. If you thought you were just coming to terms with disruption, the ABC disruptors are about to take us on a head-spinning ride.

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Why you should be investing in developing the leadership skills of Millennials

Sandra Brown, TRANSEARCH International Australia

Article image: Investing in developing the leadership skills of Millennials

As the population ages, the profile of leaders change. After years of steady growth – albeit with a few scares, like “the recession we had to have” – Baby Boomers are starting to retire and Gen X are filling more and more senior leadership positions with measured and meaningful skills they learnt along the way. Boomers brought independent goal oriented and self-actualisation into the work place – not relying on others to get things done, self-made and proud of it! They adjusted the world around them to get the outcome they wanted... read more »


Identifying your values and mission to find your executive voice

BlueSteps, AESC

Article image: Identifying your values and mission to find your executive voice

You probably know your company’s core values well. Maybe you can even recite them. But what about your own values? You know inherently what you value and stand for, but have you ever truly articulated it? Identifying your values is foundational to exuding your brand. It is the core of who you are and what emanates outward to others. Companies that stick to their core values are more recognizable and more successful in the marketplace. The same holds true to individuals. And not only are they more recognizable, they are also more fulfilled..." read more »


Staying ahead of disruptive business models

Thought Leadership, TRANSEARCH Insights

Article image: Staying ahead of disruptive business models

Executives in a growing number of industry spaces are beginning to ask many ‘What if?’ sorts of questions. Their teams are modelling revenue projections, supply chains and technology risks against a bevy of influences brought on by new technology and new business competitors whose aims are as disruptive as they are ambitious. Take the case of, which has over the past couple decades gone from asking whether any of us had bought a single book online to exploring more and more industry markets ripe for innovation... read more »


Resetting your executive compass

Thought Leadership, TRANSEARCH International

Article image: Resetting your executive compass

If you found time recently to reflect on where you are on life’s journey or on the pathway of your executive career, you may have found yourself thinking more about your purpose, your time and your priorities. Finding meaning in your work, and the example you set as a leader, is a powerful motivator when business demands require you to travel to far away time zones or when urgent matters require you to stay up late or arise very early to monitor emails and more. As the demands on global leaders continue to escalate and complicate the balance between work and life... read more »


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